ravkoo is a revolutionary way to provide care to patients

ravkoo MD is a secure and HIPAA compliant platform that helps you provide virtual and simple care to patients. We are always looking to provide better care to patients by adding experienced providers to our network.

How it works

Select how you would like to see patients, On demand or Schedule based and Sync or Async

Choose your available hours

Select services you offer

Set your charges for each service

Select how you would like to get paid

Start seeing patients!

Why join us?

There are so many reasons to join ravkoo MD. Not only are we a HIPAA compliant platform but providers get to work virtually anywhere at your own convenience. Pick your availability, set your rates, and get paid weekly! Our platform gives you easy access to your patients medical history before consultation so that you can provide the best care. Join us in reshaping healthcare! It’s free to sign up.

How to Sign up?

Working with ravkoo MD is simple! Follow these steps to start caring for patients today:

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The ravkoo Health mobile app is a secure, HIPAA-compliant platform, offering you all essential healthcare services at one place and providing you access to your personal health records. Soon to be available on App Store and Play Store.